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The Story of Extngo! Necessity is the mother of all inventions … this is what Bakir Tailor the inventor of Extngo told us when we first met him!

purchase generic Lyrica As an IT professional, on daily basis you deal with slack cables that you run them on temporary basis to finish a short term job or test some connectivity, then you need to roll back those cables. The problem was always the lack of easy way to roll back cable, ensure the connectors will not get tangled with each other and end up with a useless cable. Working in exhibitions and conference center added more to this necessity as we always must rapidly and swiftly set up seminar rooms, Exhibitors booths and meeting rooms as business requires.

The Idea of EXTNGO came to solve many problems in one shot. 15 Meters (50 feet) length of cable in one retractable box, easy to carry, ready to deploy, flat cable easy to pass under carpet, Male – Female connection which makes it ready to extend,

Before inventing EXTNGO I had to always collect cables in a box, and hope they will not tangle when I need to pull them again.

With EXNGO. Life is easy, organized and ready to deploy. Whether it is 10 meters cable I need,  5 or 15, it is only one EXTNGO I need to have. And in case I need a little more like 20 or even up to 30 meters, I just need to plug in another EXTNGO.

As an IT professional, now a days I cannot imagine myself going to any site without having at least 2 EXTNGO boxes part of my toolbox, just think about it, only two orange EXTNGO boxes in your tool kit means you got 30 Meters (100 Feet) of cable in your toolbox ready to deploy. And when you are done with your gig, retract your cable and walk away for your next successful gig.

EXTNGO designed by IT professionals to solve an overlooked IT problem. Every house, shop, small business, or enterprise will need EXTNGO box for temporary connections.

Say goodbye to ugly tangled cables in a carton box in the corner of your store and welcome the neat, clean and ready to deploy EXTNGO UTP Extender.